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of interest. i know. i might add with a white woman. think about it. you will will will will the eye. the us. why has promised me. that's why people buy into it. she is twenty eight shots. shout out for instance. yes that's me
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web the asphalt on kids took me to death. i was at some previous wave. he said. one comments the os executive not that the trees. and in bari said it's none of its medium and go from one show welcome to the cctv means i meet me and benching begin with the am betting expert tom i got called back the anti government campaign to shut down the council is in its fifth day at least fifty one people in the mean just up and exposing device was found at protesters demonstrate islam on seeing me and chill out on calling him the best city in assisi santa. the movement's lead acid test of sudan was among the maths as a symbol means that in the attack he said to have been around since the meat is high. the trauma which was founded in two shots a lot titans four minutes dad says it's time to take back control of articles
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and comments that the nationalists has struck a defiant tone when speaking to the international press. and you'll be with you. isn't it i did. i did. i just don't eat thai protests when the chilling high up respondent did just that country and got a call to see how that any news on the list behind the attacks in the west the act instead i am that i kept open call. rooney i'm becoming prepared to wear on the march began a new book at the keene act the government of the expected nor yet are to get to eat the fresh air. i'm addicted to be frightening fall off in my collection. i was a very few teeth he will
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march in fairly good morning and no one would think that by the brain during a march from one reported that it defines the very bumpy can tell how good your initial report by the productivity particularly are active teens i think that eight people between fifty two nephi five of us. one day before and had now for what they have found that the one with injury. i am. i was careful to protect the health twenty two the first one of the cricket we planned out for tiffany to keep it that i was about three he played in the end many of the protected land for hiking that the radical anti doping by some of the preferred it if you have nice teeth trying to find it i felt like i did not keep me from depression thing very often that he could think of blogging shopping mall getting in my heart if he hadn't remembered i know exactly how will what he would get the bike was the lengthy period of
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time to pack up my aunt the one that we can find info of daylight. many fearing that her and thinking critically. he will like on the street to think of. to and the sad and they tasted tax affects the protests of the protests to become a mole in the end of town. good question now there are three of the book an eye on how it all in the first one is that the project looking at you really i hardly find funding to bring costs down canteen which started on monday. i think going green and the elephant at the link in the main floor or with the new valley fight to limit the continent excellent that he can break the bank account but it will purchase to get back to the former detective to find the perfect yet. it was simply must come to light in conclusion during the market without bumping up like the one day. now the and
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the french had nicknamed anticipated that a fight with him briefly at defining the hat for crimes he did that count. the longer that i would have remained defiant the preferred the land. all my thinking what if the work out cheaper than half the ending part. another way to the end he threw a td to appear at the court that the very act leading to complete the one that will be thick and fat on it and i'm glad that i got to change because the show. unclear what the ruling. i've been handed down in the car and he is. but they wouldn't be worth it. he simply election and on the theme park and foolishly thought that yet so he can to keep the nation offered to take lucky he told the court heard more eclectic will be heard by the government had the forty fourth in the shape that you find them and to find the things that i've yet to be formed before the irony was that he would be how it could have picked and cannot change you can see that this is essentially important from a cold. as softly as
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expressed in regrets is that the democratic people's republic of korea said fresh appeal pending post in the seas between the two koreas said that if kaylee and to stop new ring in the region and need it. we use to dprk truly seeks peace the korean peninsula should immediately show practical action. of course the new color as a share. the lights came up to the dprk court for a halt in bad though and committed trade publications between the two sides of the state. the dprk after south korea to cancellation in a tree trail with the us every press south korea has rejected south korean unification ministry spokesman qin we do accept that dprk shud take a responsible man says recounting its cost publications such as the artillery attack on young john island about three years ago. a spokesman stressed that the talks between the two periods should be demonstrated to me oh five real action. my breasts japanese prime minister shinzo on this visit to
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the controversy we ask or any shyness and its people in neighboring asian countries who have suffered from its aggression in will look to the chinese ambassador to the uk france gemini and ethiopia. now's he's the haiti and the team to face up to history. the devil is the story. lambasted to the uk repeated his criticism of our visit to st to the yasukuni shrine. speaking to sky news and fast and you show me and said the japanese leader's real agenda. it's too bad he thinks the owls come off will vote to overturn the post war against national debt and a retention pond to the cost of minutes reason. ap japanese prime minister will visit this award from where did we pull into the wall screaming of yukos will the minnows of japan that it is japanese the equipment of which emi what about what the british people would feel about it but jim and he does he
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respect to cuba. and then be picked up a . i think you by comparison. you may have affected understanding of the feedings of chinese people. conference held by the chinese ambassador to germany in munich a chap he is constantly defended his prominence in chinese and boston she needed to reach into the base and japan to face up to its right. visited shrine where fourteen first class second world war criminals are honored that i cannot regarded as a posture of hoping for peace. nor can i see it as trick and treating history sincerely chinese on boston to ethiopia also shared his views on japan's aggression to riewoldt will too. showing pictures at a press conference asked a u s forces no he's trying to put to basics while i should be at peace loving country of peace loving leader. the other phases of this publication
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last. in asia. he is doing all kinds of things i mentioned about. to make trouble. mountain asian countries. meanwhile china's ambassador to france to achieve many common seen a french newspaper le figaro criticizing on his visit to the strong. he pointed out his behavior was all except go to the people of ancient country's core excuse to japan soon and it's real aggression during world war two. digital cctv. neil watching cctv means in that state media says a new constitution has been about whether they approved by referendum held at it this week with a ninety percent of that says k bank gets to watch the draft constitution eel fish a result of the referendum is expected to be announced tonight at the pentagon says the transition had been a treat. act government's palmdale opted to pay since tom is president of the home
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of mostly last july eighteen twenty seven the date for presidential and parliamentary elections is expected to be the new dates i'd say that what the expected outcome. on the cheap general of the five top ten cc ever closer to it it's for the presidency of the mass is to pull its commons that despite heavy criticism from government departments including the now abandoned the stone brothers incredible sea lions aides have called for protests during the dancing. very latest on the situation we needed to win now joined by chris bond and i fell on rupee in cairo. i don't know that. results show an ad in the welding majority now lol d in the and the ninety percent supporting the draft constitution box on the other hand those at ten outs expected to be about to foresee the sad when this is actually had any impact on amazon. well on levels were so mean there is in a unanimous vote them all
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egyptians who went and gave their vote in the ballot box as he said over ninety percent that actually been some reports it has been announced according to the exit polls to reach ninety six percent over ninety six percent. so basically i'm there is a sort of a consensus among those who went up for on the egyptian to give their votes and the ballot boxes to approve on what is going on in egypt from the current transition. there is of course also some analysts who have been worried about such a result of these expectations from such a result the court that because it means that there isn't any and significant presence off the opposition for art. and eventually present in the street there is a big portion represents more c supporters them at an industry clad been boycotting of the results of some people that were and was the date of
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its value their weight in the ballot or defoe can win with five million folks. also there is to those we have been intending to go for a no vote. and that the support it i'm participating in the referendum whether a when they started launching in st campaigns hanging posters and flyers on home to people trying to hold a conference is to promote a no vote on they were arrested and are therefore just a day before one of egypt's on moderate islamic parties the strong egypt party which was an offshoot from the wilson brothers itself on and they announced just a day before the fourth of the wood was cut because of the rest that happened though with its politicians them and therefore have decided that this is also one of them in a moderate power came on the street not as strong as them was the brother and there are those who have been
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um or describe themselves as revolutionary powers that maybe you've been left in opposing military rule and the ghost of an opposing the regime offers a host of whatever the same time also halting the walls of other goods on him who enjoyed more sees a year in presidency he's also people were not in cash to go and participate so overall i'm alice did not expect that the numbers will be as big as what happened and the folks that and also that the ninety six percent who said yes. during this week's goat. overall a forty percent turnout at least as far as as expected so far is also bigger than the two thousand and twelve. it turned out and for the referendum that could use a more sees the boredom awesome brother has a format that constitution and therefore am. overall analysts believe that the results this week shows that are more egyptians who support the new un democratic transition in egypt that more
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than bills will support of the two thousand and twelve identity otto the official results on a suspected that tomorrow's what do you think it overwhelming support for the constitution sets about each gift and the predictably what's next for you to. well it is said that to them. on average there are twenty million the magical posters of twenty million egyptians all who reject it and somewhat more sees the moon for that supports the army's move to oust more from power and support the current transition. um he's a big mass of population they did not have a significant political participation before and that many believed that it was the way that more she has ruled egypt during the past year through the guidance bureau album was the brother that drove them to take the streets in joint third shift and support from
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the ousting of fiji's first democratically elected a president so this is a big mess that is currently there and most of those days there fell to an end to referendum i'll be showing signs of approval or accepting the concept that the defense minister more slot that the icc should run of four prisoners to and during this week there are several other offices that are scheduled to happen to have no meaning or to promote a mass protests on friday to call the agenda of the fact that c c and in the coming friday to two and demand that the icc the defense minister to run for presidency. this will be on and generate twenty fourth of the next friday and many believe that the long wait it down. final response from its easy to whether he would run for presidency or not. a whim be announced after the folks
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there are more sore after the final results come out and said thank you very much indeed and to undermine the reporting from cairo. now it's time to let syria syrian opposition groups in the scene in the techies protect the safety of itunes download today for the taleban to attend next week's c area peace talks in switzerland and the main political opposition group the syrian national coalition after the viaduct intently on the ecu anime to internationally backed peace talks law aimed at ending a three year crises dc area. an estimated it to me and people had left the country s and six point five meaning meaning tenderly piece placed all of the state us secretary of state john kerry the opposition did go to the talks and kerry says it is the best celtic safety for its consideration to the conflict that has claimed more than a hundred thousand lights. she leaned from a still body that model and has that held talks with emotional facial is the most debt to discuss the upcoming peace talks in switzerland
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my dentist visit comes at the same time as this year bringing calm to potsdam of the army police force expected to meet with russian leaders and the presence of the two funniest is the most that as a base to speculation of the three countries of conceiving a kid in the agenda. farming is the second novel and it unites the applications saying that this is to love a clean system cooling systems and the three countries have been nothing to hide those russian ear and the us dollar allies about such government and the well being. diplomacy in that will scare comes just ahead of next week's geneva to conference play. russia has been pushing hitting coach terrence presence that tilts. well the s e ring in the ceiling from a distance visit to moscow and the elise but top responding to call box and about all how all three countries agree that has been assigned to each essential to any peace process and wit and serious
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knee in the three yen on a ten o clock ticks. the first issue they agree on it's of himself and the feature of the madison essential to the city in the civil war. in these upcoming geneva to talks that they can say that he is going on to the solution to the crisis and should not be immediately thrown out from the picture as the us and its allies and the rebel groups also think as well. this is the rebel groups as well that the three foreign ministers found common ground on as we heard earlier from turkey that meeting ongoing. it's not even certain whether the rebels will send a delegation to geneva to school. but it's very much and the view of these three policies that the rebels a very divided and they are very concerned as is the us and its allies off the presence of the islamist factions within that the rebel groups. on the us has been very keen to point out that syrian national coalition should be out to me
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that too but they should not have representation from all extremist pots of field position which has been facing problems in syria as well. i also am grateful breaking heat and the higher range of finding dozens of books files onto hundreds to flee their homes. hansen has died. as for cd with pastor keith continues to drive and the seventy five is in itself the state of victoria and dozens of blazes of planning in south australia western australian and new south wales and the state fell thirty seven c to seventy men can see warning to call hundreds of residents to flee their homes. okay see you next to the affected areas sorry if i've said this is commission a creighton actually said to conditions ease as dangerous as the black saturday fires killed one hundred and seventy three in two thousand nine. mum shop ditch on the street successful moon landing china has released a
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new antenna said the ads taken from the moon by the nation's climbed to third as bush all i did and this camera on december the twenty second the other was still on the twenty fifth christmas christmas day. add the peaches are of the pasha on us. as evening approaches scientists say the mondays on a boat to take picture of the fo us and of course when the fcc in full sunlight the moon and anxieties in the shadow meaning that and is still up and cannot provide enough power for the camera as the father the book is six hundred pages of being taken during the mission and the staff as tiny tiny spacecraft has said photographed the us from a chest tube all day. a new marist any slow the hong kong and drop this and medium at governmental is being held today is friday at one of these and film studios of town they say ah chief executive adam churning and spine are attending along with friends family and the trees. the men are in service began at ten a and a duet and at six pm as bad as
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assholes like old friends ordinary citizens awful shooting about to attend the event and said this is being staged in an informal style guest had a non smoker when morning coats or black ties to its actual stamp as meditate and there will be no new mario wii. the show died ten days ago at the age of one hand it in a seven during his lifetime he donates it to the one point seven in hong kong dollars to more than eighteen countries education projects on the mainland the second day of chinese spring festival traveler asked them not just any human mind great migration on as many of the trouble is auckland students are on their way home for the spring festival holiday. also my clint black cats according to the ebay layoffs are teased with a six meeting people travel by train on the stay and eighty seven point two meeting train tickets when center yesterday with more than part of this senate on the internet as a new round
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of small as it gets him with a thirty one highways across china the coast this morning and traffic on the feel of an ice milk tea at the museum oh look she's really easy in full swing in hollywood to lead the academy award nominations announced on thursday and from any of this season's caucus six ten it was the mexican am a mom bought to hezbollah the run fresh off the best musical or comedy with golden globes american hostile to the momentum going this morning with ten academy award nominations including best director and best picture the other films are also the best picture race simply gravity which also had ten nominations. twelve years of slaves which are not other contenders include captain phillips and allison buyers club. her nebraska wolf of wall street. a storm in a merry ca might be a
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little cold night or eight financial year ending next american also starred jennifer lawrence says it is for back to back oscars she's nominated for best supporting actress in intensity. amy adams is up for best actress. the men of american also were also in the spotlight. christian bale was nominated for best lead actor bradley cooper for best supporting actor you. gravity drama best director nomination to globe winner also soak or wrong in a best actress nomination for sandra bullock her competition along with amy adams was meryl streep august osage county judi dench for bellamy to england where he played second for blue gems. among twelve years of slaves nomination for best director for steve mcqueen and best actor for to excel at your four. in addition to christian bale issue four is up against bruce dern for nebraska. leonardo dicaprio for the wolf of wall street and globe winner matthew mcconaughey for dallas by this clock. i can work harder cctv a washington state to
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export to seventeen mean dallas less of a selfish i e chia last month china and or clams mussels and oysters from the west and us to the concerns they might be contaminated with the lethal toxins and the annex the culprit is conceived as a great delicacy in china and shipped the science lab found in the works is that the us pacific northwest. now it is to cast okay people. give me look like business as usual it is washington's be the fish processing plant but when you feel. these workers normally spend all afternoon picking we got a job that gets revved up an hour. top quality lead up to back up to one hundred and fifty us dollars a pound in the game. during china's lunar new year celebrations which start on catering for the first year. the us export and sixty million dollars worth of lively dock in two thousand thirteen. more than triple the amount it in two thousand for us to up artist
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or stay around ninety percent of the exports with china. in december chinese inspectors reported finding the quote above standard residue of paralytic shellfish poisoning inorganic arsenic into a u s shipments of greta. china suspended shipments and the u s inspectors to investigate obviously we're hopeful it does never saw before the lunar new year china has a very import market for us the company is now processing around a third of its normal production. we got in lead up fourteen workers last week. he shifted several others the job without the oysters. but oysters on pavement. us diapers can earn between sixty to seventy five thousand dollars a year from there we go carve it. so for us testing indicates it may be safe to start shifting to china again. it is to head over to death for their safety. that was a message from washington state department of health representatives when they met with lawmakers. the state
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believes the shellfish are the tiny face. we're waiting to be answering questions that china has about the specifics whether it comes to the caffeine than upgrades. most of the gooey duck in china comes from other countries. most of it from right here in puget sound. no mater where you go when america. they're still serving up the going down after seventeen years in the restaurant business and safety faults in the wally an expert in cooking guido was never found the way the body we get to pan fry and they do those in the us cut it up with the simi. but at the end of may wouldn't put it up with bestiality. i'm good at one time put the pasta. he's the last pieces of the fees legal issues. sam thinks about both the supplier kitchen. i feel that my heart go out with them in their while. by some estimates washington state shellfish industry. in losing more than half a million dollars a day this gets healed cctv
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seattle. the story you come to the end of this edition of cctv knees on the team in beijing. the us. i don't like
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landed me an american talk about an hour. how are women and powerful. if you empower women in empowering birth mothers of raising sons who were either drag us into war but deep inside of our mothers are the ones who are protecting their daughters mothers grind and noticed blood and therefore not empowering women were not any chains that forty to fifty percent generation that understanding. also on. i
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can't help but call our doctor say. the contest and one main iraq and the trees stunningly since we brought them democracy that women are educated they were doctors lawyers and now it's thing and it's taking over their being forced into loans they don't appreciate. and i think that the felt needs of my eye so he now. i would just say that president obama. what you tried in cairo was a great start. box. if you don't get the whole picture and realized the role of women. it will never tell. i hope that everyone in this room takes a moment today when you come home to think about why the most powerful ways to empower the arab and muslim world is and how the women. so please please stop turning a blind eye to the atrocities against women by at how much i'm pleased with how when a human powered
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up thinking. you will will will will will will. the us the idol. it's a saturday night. welcome to the sellers use lie. the end of the sectarian of japan's newly established national security council and top u s security officials have confirmed that they will cooperate closely. japanese consul will serve as a command center for the country's national security and foreign policies japan's nsc secretariat and it totally on achievement u s nna


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